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It Remains: Volume I

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When Man tires of walking upstream and sits down, it keeps walking, no more as Man but as half-a-man, no more as Walker but as Sitter”, its father, or someone like its father would say. The voice was alive, the Man - it was not.


See How the Story Comes to Life

Watch how people dive into the Augmented Reality of "It Remains" by Scanning the Book and Interacting with some of the elements.


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The author of a dozen books of fiction, His novel Last Days won the American Library Association award for Best Horror Novel of 2009.




Member of the Academy of Television Arts, Sciences and the Producers Guild of America.


Rob Prior


Comic conventions have become an integrated part of my life.

creator & artist

Vasil Tuchkov, the author, specializes in fiction, scripts, and film. A published novelist since the age of 17, he's a blockchain aficionado and has crafted viral campaigns worldwide.

Ed Mattinian, our artist, boasts a lifelong passion for drawing and has held various roles in the Game Dev industry since 2005. From lead artist to art director, he's contributed to projects ranging from large-scale MMO titles to indie gems.

Meet the whole team that contributed to the creation of the 'It Remains' world.

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