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Yellow Mouth is the first Entertainment Media Franchise for Decentralised Audiences. Powered by both conventional channels and NFT innovations, YM is here to revolutionise the old ways of content creation, promotion and distribution. Bringing Hollywood franchise experience, advertising wizardry and IT corporate structure into the world of blockchain, to disrupt the industry and take digital culture to new levels.

Through the use of next-gen Art, Tech, Finance and Networking, humanity takes a leap of faith and evolves the digital & the physical together, in harmony and with confidence. The Future of Entertainment is decentralised.


  • Anthony Christov temp
    Anthony Christov

    Anthony Christov spent 37 years in Hollywood, the last 18 of which, working as an art director for Pixar.

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  • Ed Mattinian temp
    Ed Mattinian

    Ed's been drawing his whole life. Since 2005 he's held various roles in the Game Dev industry

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  • Vasil Tuchkov temp
    Vasil Tuchkov

    Writer of fiction. Stories, scripts and film. Vasil is a published Novelist. First book published at the age of 17.

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  • Sasha Ivanovic temp
    Sasha Ivanovic

    Sasha is a dynamic leader with 10+ years in the media industry.

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  • nedqlko-nedqlkov temp
    Nedyalko Nedyalkov

    UAE representative | Entrepreneur | Crypto & NFT | Venture Fund Partner | Start-up Mentor | Deal Advisor | Investor

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  •  Georgi Pipikov temp
    Georgi Pipikov

    An IT engineer with years long experience in mainframe servers, proficient in security and system programming.

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  • Martin Pipikov temp
    Martin Pipikov

    Innovative technology enthusiast with strong software development and project management background

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  • Zornitsa Georgieva temp
    Zornitsa Georgieva

    Zornitsa Georgieva is an aspiring filmmaker from Sofia, Bulgaria. Her creative ...

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  • Martin-Halachev temp
    Martin Halachev

    Martin has 10+ yrs of management experience, including multinational companies such as Red Bull and ESL Gaming. Spent the last 8 yrs...

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  • christo peev temp
    Christo Peev

    Christo Peev is a software developer and business executive with substantial entrepreneurial experience.

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  •  Sonny Verueco temp
    Sonny Verueco

    Tech entrepreneur and a business strategist, as well as a blockchain enthusiast and crypto investor.

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  •  Jackson Garg temp
    Jackson Garg

    Has 6 years of experience in crypto trading, investor in multiple crypto and tech projects.

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  •  Nikolay Naumov temp
    Nikolay Naumov

    Nikolay Naumov is a motion designer closely connected with the digital world.

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  • Stefan Malinowski temp
    Stefan Malinowski

    Stefan is an entrepreneur with solid strategy, business development and operations experience.

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  •  Yana Velikova temp
    Yana Velikova

    Yana Velikova is a senior graphic and web designer passionate about creating better user experiences for products and companies.

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