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Born from the team's passion for art and technology, the BEYOND DYSTOPIAN universe of "It Remains" aims to revolutionize the way the craft of storytelling is being promoted, distributed and created across new age mediums and audiences, through collaboration and innovation.

Collectors will have the chance to own fine quality artwork - actual pieces from a complex story, already two years in the making. The decentralized franchise will be governed by the community of NFT holders, they will have voting rights over major decisions related to the future endeavors of "It Remains" Including development on the metaverse, games and animated series.

The first act of the Graphic novel "It Remains" will be published after minting of the genesis collection concludes. The book will come in text, graphics and audio format.


Beyond Dystopian; Odd


Father & Son at World’s End


Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”, “Lucifer”, Giger, Beksinsky, Cormac Mcarthy’s “the Road”, Brian Evenson’s uncanny work, Jeff Vandermeer’s otherworldliness.


In a world destroyed by war, pollution, and overconsumption, all that remains is bone, dust, plastic, and the distant memory of what once was. At the heart of this desolate wasteland is a mysterious yellow lake known simply as the Yellow Mouth, which devours everything in its vicinity. Two survivors, known only as It and Its Father, are Resisters of the Yellow Mouth, fighting to preserve what little is left of human knowledge, culture, and drive.


The creators

Hollywood veterans x Blockchain natives =

disrupt the industry

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    VASIL TUCHKOV - Author -

    Writer of fiction. Stories, scripts & film. Vasil is a published Novelist. Founder of Studio Rubik - the Creative-Disruption Agency. Director of viral campaigns for global brands.

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    Spent 37 years in Hollywood, the last 18 of which as Art director for PIXAR. Art directed “FINDING NEMO, ”WALL-E”, “THE INCREDIBLES II” and many more.

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    ED MATTINIAN - Artist -

    Ed's been drawing his whole life. Since 2005 he's held various roles in the Game Dev industry from large-scale MMO titles to indie gems.

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    The author of a dozen books of fiction, His novel Last Days won the American Library Association award for Best Horror Novel of 2009.

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What remains of Old Man’s world. The last ones standing, the last to move away and resist the pull of the Yellow Mouth. Walking the Walk. Day after day. Feeding on the Eats inside the bones in their path. Repeating words. gathered and preserved as meaning for all things past and present. Repeating less and less each next day. It and Its father, the last archivists of mankind. Man-kind-of…


Resisters whose hearts have given up. Dead before death, itself. No will left to continue the struggle of its routine, no feet left to walk theWalk of resistance.

Answering instead the call of the Yellow Mouth, ready to no longer just take part but rather become a part. Yellow-charmed. Passive lone figures, carried with the current, waiting to be swallowed by the waves. Unless another Resister catches them first and snatches the feast from the swallowing pit, for a little longer, anyway. For ‘a Sitter’ eats and moist are like no other, fresh and full of warmth and knowledge residue.


Resisters whose has brains died but their body lived on. Mindless. Sleepless. Endless. Man-like beings with Addings that refuse to give up, grasping for life, still moving away from Yellow. Feeding the movement with anything in the way, be it bone, plastic or flesh. Weak and slow at daylight, half-deads own the night. For the refuse to stop, dead but not in Yellow.

The rotting in their heads carries an effect that both frightens and excites all Resisters that encounter it.


The world of “It Remains” is shaped by vestiges of а fallen civilization - humanity’s plastic debris junkyard. Set in beyond dystopia, appearance and characters in this universe are inspired by real-life environmental issues such as plastics and industrial pollution. For that reason, we plan to spread awareness and promote community-voted causes, committed to finding plastic alternatives, better plastic waste management, and provide support for the homeless. Become a holder and help us pick the right projects to support


It Remains is inspired by Global Issues. It presents the hypothetical aftermath of humanity’s current trajectory.

The author, Vasil traveled the world photographing homeless people at environmentally polluted locations, and the artist, Ed turned those into the visuals.

The long-term goal is to raise awareness for social causes like: Plastic alternatives & Homelessness.

The homeless are the true Resisters of modern society, existing on the outskirts of the system, forgotten and forsaken. Ever-growing, the issue of homelessness is largely due to poor mental health. In a profit-driven high-tech world, less and less care is given to our mental health. If the trend continues, the numbers of homeless Resisters will continue to increase.

But it is not too late, yet… Through engaged awareness and collective creativity, we believe that the worst can be avoided.

For It Remains is not just about the hideous, the lost, the rotten. It is about finding beauty in the hideous. Changing the world through the power of dreaming.


But it is not too late, yet...

Through engaged awareness and collective creativity, we believe that
the worst can be avoided.

For It Remains is not just about the hideous, the lost, the rotten.
It is about finding beauty in the hideous.
Changing the world through the power of dreaming.

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