The Beyond Dystopian

Decentralised entertainment

A Blockchain-powered, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel "It Remains". Legendary collection of 1/1 high-end NFT art pieces and a generative collection of 7777 hand-drawn Resisters with a unique rarity system. Inspired by environmental issues.


Legendary - 27pcs.

A limited super exclusive collection of unique 1/1 pieces, part of the It Remains story. Owners of the legendary NFTs are eligible for free drops from all future It Remains NFT collections and physical products of the franchise!


What remains of Old Man’s world. The last ones standing, the last to move away and resist the pull of the Yellow Mouth. Walking the Walk. Day after day. Feeding on the Eats inside the bones in their path. Repeating words. gathered and preserved as meaning for all things past and present. Repeating less and less each next day. It and Its father, the last archivists of mankind. Man-kind-of...


  • PHASE 1
    • Approximately 2 years ago the idea of “It Remains” was born and writing of the story began.
    • The story was finished and working on the graphic novel started.
  • PHASE 2
  • PHASE 3
    • Minting concludes.
    • DAO and DAO treasury established – portion of the royalties go to the DAO treasury.
    • Staking is launched
    • Holders start earning $Addings for staking
    • The DAO treasury begins acquiring assets
  • PHASE 4
    • It Remains Act 1 digital and physical releases
    • $Addings marketplace launched
    • Purchasable with $Addings: Physical merch (action figures, prints and more), Physical releases of the graphic novel, raffles passes for high end treasury NFTs/Land, event tickets, WL spots from partner projects and most importantly free-mint passes for our future collections!
  • PHASE 5
    • It Remains PFP collection launched, mint passes claimable with $Addings
    • Pre-sale mint, public-sale mint, genesis holders mint
  • PHASE 6
    • DAO voting on environmental and homeless people support causes begins
    • Further development begins - Metaverse integration, gamification, P2E, animated series, specific direction is chosen by the DAO
    • DAO grants system for community development is launched
  • PHASE 7
    • It Remains 3D collection of fully rigged metaverse ready characters launched, mint passes claimable with $Addings
    • Pre-sale mint, public-sale mint, genesis holders mint


The world of “It Remains” is shaped by vestiges of fallen civilization - humanity’s plastic debris junkyard. Set in beyond dystopia, appearance and characters in this universe are inspired by real-life environmental issues such as plastics and industrial pollution, overconsumption and senseless materialism. One of our main goals is to spread awareness about one of the biggest issues of our society - the destruction of our environment, our one and only habitat! We want the "It Remains" world to remain fiction and not turn out to be a prediction. Every single one of us should contribute to the cause, from small changes in our habits to big global movements!



Yellow Mouth is the first Entertainment Media Franchise for Decentralised Audiences. Powered by both conventional channels and NFT innovations, YM is here to revolutionise the old ways of content creation, promotion and distribution. Bringing Hollywood franchise experience, advertising wizardry and IT corporate structure into the world of blockchain, to disrupt the industry and take digital culture to new levels.

Through the use of next-gen Art, Tech, Finance and Networking, humanity takes a leap of faith and evolves the digital & the physical together, in harmony and with confidence. The Future of Entertainment is decentralised.

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