Hollywood veterans x BLOCKCHAIN natives = disrupt the industry

advisors & Investors

  • bruno scvorc temp
    bruno scvorc
    rmrk founder/ innovator

    Solidity nаtive developer. Educator. Used to work on Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot / Kusama.

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  • david-uslan temp
    david uslan
    producer / publisher

    Member of the Academy of Television Arts, Sciences and the Producers Guild of America. Worked for his mentor ...

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  • john keh temp
    john keh
    run the chain founder

    Entrepreneur. Investor. Blockchain Aficionado.Passionate about Web3, Community Building, Web2.5, Martech, Marketing ...

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  • Sasha Ivanovic temp
    Sasha Ivanovic

    Entertainment industry strategist. Merger and Acquisition specialist. VP, Strategy & Analytics, GSA and CEE VP ...

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  • lion-shirdan.jpg temp
    lion shirdan
    media agency CEO

    Founder, President and CEO at UPRISE Management, a 360˚ full-service marketing, branding, and creative agency for mainstream, premium ...

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  •  Jackson.jpg temp
    jackson garg
    algo. trader / investor

    Founder CEO Start-up Investor. Trader. Entrepreneur. Constantly seeking alpha. Dubai based.

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  •  alex drangajov temp
    alex drangajov
    tech entrepreneur

    End-to-end expertise in building and integrating high-performing multinational tech teams.

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  •  Sonny Verueco temp
    Sonny Verueco
    business consultant

    Tech entrepreneur and a business strategist, as well as a blockchain enthusiast ...

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  • veselin-zah.jpg temp
    veselin zahariev
    vc / investor

    Partner at Mane Capital, premier investment banking boutique with focus on CEE.

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  • Vasil Tuchkov temp
    Vasil Tuchkov
    author & founder

    Writer of fiction. Stories, scripts and film. Vasil is a published Novelist.

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  • Anthony Christov temp
    Anthony Christov
    art director

    37 years in Hollywood. 18 years working at Pixar. Art Directed “FINDING NEMO, ”WALL-E”, “THE INCREDIBLES II” and many more.

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  • Ed Mattinian temp
    Ed Mattinian
    artist & co-founder

    Ed's been drawing his whole life. Since 2005 he's held various roles [lead artist, art director ...

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  •  Georgi Pipikov temp
    Georgi Pipikov
    cmo & Innovation

    An IT engineer with years long experience in mainframe servers, proficient ...

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  • christo peev temp
    Christo Peev

    A software developer and business executive with substantial entrepreneurial experience.

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  • arne.jpg temp
    arne trautman
    head of legal

    20 years of professional experience as a corporate lawyer ...

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  • Martin Pipikov temp
    Martin Pipikov
    community manager

    An innovative technology enthusiast with strong software development and project ...

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  • Zornitsa Georgieva temp
    Zornitsa Georgieva
    head of creative

    An aspiring filmmaker from Sofia, Bulgaria. Her creative work for the award-nominated disruptive agency Studio Rubik has gone ...

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  • Martin-Halachev temp
    Martin Halachev
    events & operations

    10+ yrs of management experience, including multinational companies such as Red Bull and ESL Gaming. Spent the last 8 yrs. managing projects, processes and ...

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  • ivan-nikolov.jpg temp
    ivan nikolov
    social media manager

    Experienced digital professional wearing the hats ...

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  • nedqlko-nedqlkov temp
    Nedyalko Nedyalkov
    business devlopment

    UAE Representative Entrepreneur, Crypto & NFT, Venture Fund Partner Start-up Mentor Deal Advisor, Investor

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  • alex-kovachev.jpg temp
    alex kovachev
    nfts & web3

    Crypto enthusiast & passionate business development guy.

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  • Stefan Malinowski temp
    Stefan Malinowski
    project manager

    An entrepreneur with solid strategy, business development and operations experience. In the last 10+ years ...

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