The Immersive Experience

  • Davos Rollap Physical NFT Store
  • Dubai Infinity Des Lumières
  • Paris Eiffel Tower
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The 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland proved to be the perfect next stage for the It Remains Immersive Experience World Tour. The powerful story and impactful visuals of It and Its Father came to life in the first live NFT store on the Davos promenade, merging the physical and the digital. Over the span of two full days, visitors mingled and interacted with mixed-reality mediums, explored sensory experiences, and attended keynote presentations by the It Remains creators and guests from prominent blockchain organisations. Collectors took part in bidding auctions of digital and physical artworks and prototypes from the franchise. At the closing party, Vasil Tuchkov - writer of the It Remains graphic novel and CEO of Yellow Mouth Studios, announced the Bored Ape Yacht Club Official Soundtrack, exclusively to the guests of the NFT store.


On April 27th, Infinity des Lumiѐres, the Dubai-based region’s largest immersive digital art centre, became a portal between the physical world and the metaverse. The Ethereum- powered artwork from the Beyond-Dystopian Universe of the It Remains franchise was the boiling point of Digital Art, Deep Storytelling, Blockchain Tech, and Sustainable Living.

At the exhibition blockchain technology met the never-ending quest for meaningful and thought-provoking storytelling. Directly addressing some of the most burning issues of contemporary humanity, It Remains is an unsettling, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind window into the world of discarded objects, plastic, and ultimately, people.

Turning an exhibition into an immersive, sensory experience was a difficult task that required a deliberate mix of attendees. At Infinity des Lumières’ immersive digital art center in Dubai Mall, audiences of all ages, diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, varying appreciations for art, and assorted interests intersected and connected through shared experiences.

The exhibition was the official launch of the It Remains franchise, the first NFT project launch of its kind. The event brought together a host of entrepreneurs, collectors, investors and admirers native to the NFT space and provided them with a platform to network with fellow-minded patrons of the Arts & Technology, all while united by the vision to bring value and innovation to the World. The reveal of the ultra-limited “It Remains: Legendary” collection was the culmination of the experience.


You are summoned to a gathering of rare-minded individuals, brought together by the synergy of Art & Tech, the physical and the digital, and all that lies in between. Step forth and explore the possibilities of future worlds within human imagination and beyond.

19.07.2022 | 19:00 | Eiffel Tower | Gustave Eiffel Reception Room


The future of immersive storytelling begins now. Enter the Lost World of It and Its Father, and become part of the story.