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It Remains: ACT I – The Immersive Novel


Immersive Novel Series
Genre:Beyond-Dystopian; Odd; Existetnial
Written by Vasil Tuchkov
Drawn by Ed Mattinian
Edited by Brian Evenson
Art Directed by Anthony Christov – Art Director of Pixar’s Wall-E, Finding Nemo

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In a world destroyed by war, pollution, and overconsumption, all that remains is bone, dust, plastic, and the distant memory of what once was. At the heart of this desolate wasteland is a mysterious yellow lake known simply as the Yellow Mouth, which devours everything in its vicinity. Two survivors, known only as It and Its Father, are Resisters of the Yellow Mouth, fighting to preserve what little is left of human knowledge, culture, and drive.

Experience the book as a:

  • Graphic Novel
  • Audio Book
  • Augmented reality [AR]
  • Interact with charactersѝ
  • Solve mysteries
  • Earn rewards

It Remains is inspired by global issues. Raising awareness for Plastic Alternative Causes and Homeless People.

Limited first edition signed by the creators and numbered.
Purchase now be among the first to receive the book in July 2024.

Please note: Some photos feature special edition copies that are currently sold out.


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