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Attention Resister!
You are now leaving the realm of the physical & stepping into the pages of a graphic novel, came to life.
In storytelling we believe.
In blockchain we trust.
In metaverse we immerser.




It Remains is a Graphic Novel in-the-making, written by author Vasil Tuchkov & drawn by digital artist Ed Mattinian.

INSPIRATIONS: Neil Gaiman's "Sandman", "Lucifer", Giger, Beksinsky, Cormac Mcarthy's "the Road", Brian Evenson's uncanny work, Jeff Vandermeer's otherworldliness.

PREMISE: Father & Son at World's End

In a world at the end of its cycle, a world perhaps much like ours, the only things left are sand, bone and plastic. And at the center of it all - a mysterious swallowing pit, which few local survivors refer to as the Yellow Mouth.

Amid a thousand lost civilizations, the Yellow Mouth slowly drags everything on the surface towards its insatiable shores. The thick and oily yellow mass wobbles patiently for all that is to come. Nothing escapes it, only the rare few Resisters left manage to withstand the call of Yellow Mouth. Only these two - father & son - resist its pull. For now, anyway.

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  • Anthony Christov temp
    Anthony Christov

    Anthony Christov spent 37 years in Hollywood, the last 18 of which, working as an art director for Pixar.

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  • Ed Mattinian temp
    Ed Mattinian

    Ed's been drawing his whole life. Since 2005 he's held various roles in the Game Dev industry

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  • Vasil Tuchkov temp
    Vasil Tuchkov

    Writer of fiction. Stories, scripts and film. Vasil is a published Novelist. First book published at the age of 17.

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